Monday, February 6, 2012

Stocking Up On Grass-Fed Meat In Tax Month

My family has been stocking up on nutrient-dense grass-fed meat from a local farm recently. We're able to afford this due to it being tax month right now and you should take advantage of this month, too. I've always believed that real food should not be a privilege for only the ones who can afford it, but should be available to everyone. However, until this "recession" comes to an end that doesn't look like it will be happening anytime soon. There are ways to afford healthy food though as I've written about in previous posts and today I'll be showing you what meats I stocked up on.

-Two 1 pound bags of grassfed beef. Always an excellent choice and cheaper than most other grassfed meat, beef always makes the right cut and price. I bought mine for $6 a pound. And went home to bake meatloaf the first day! Delicious and full of healthy saturated fats.

-2 pound Whole Chicken. I love chicken! It cost me about $4.50 a pound. Even in the days when I didn't eat meat due to the flavorless taste of factory farm junk I still found pleasure in chicken somehow. It's going to be a real treat cooking a whole chicken in my crockpot. Also full of omega-3s and rich CLA source.

-Quarter thighs and drums chicken. These are some of the cheaper cut pieces of chicken meat so be sure to stock up on some! This also cost me about $4.50 a pound.

Well, we're only two people so I didn't need to buy a lot. Hopefully, this will get us through the Winter months though! And the Winter is the exact time when people need their healthy fats and omega-3s to protect their immunity from the stress caused by cold.

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