Friday, January 21, 2011

Profiteering Junk "Science" Under The Disguise Of Science

Its one of those things that if you actually bother to look outside the mainstream (even if it means joining  "conspiracies") you'll see the truth in it all. What do I mean? I mean that most mainstream science today is actually nothing more than profiteering corporate-controlled junk science under the disguise of real "science. This profiteering junk pushes a GMO, chemicals, dangerous drugs, and environmental destruction all while calling it good "science". I saw a post on another website on how a certain "science" blogs site is actually a hate-mongering, dogmatic narrow-minded cesspool, which doesn't even have real scientists writing the posts.

Of course, anyone who tries to express the above views is immediately labeled "unscientific" or "irrational" just because they questioned the keepers of the cult of Scientism. But thats what true science is supposed to be about! Questioning and discovering. Not anymore since the rise of corporate-controlled "science" that operates only in a limited reductionist-materialistic paradigm that refuses to see outside itself. And not only is this a danger to scientific integrity its also a danger to the public when they see these blogs and actually believe them to be legitimate and true. We do not need more people brainwashed into believing GMOs are going to save the world (which is not true since local food growing is the only way to truly sustainable food). We also don't need more people believing only drugs and surgery are the only answer to all health problems (totally bogus).

Theres many good resources out there to discover true science and to get out of the mainstream (something every real thinking person should be doing). Whenever I hear some reductionary, narrow-minded comment trying to discredit a "conspiracy" or a natural discovery that doesn't include conventional medicine, I always remember that Galileo was burned at the stake for suggesting the world wasn't flat afterall.

Maybe the world still is flat. Maybe we our nothing but cavemen playing with moon rocks. Afterall, what do we really know? (very credible source that reveals modern suppression of scientific discoveries) (I love the explanations of alternative paradigms that lay outside the reductionary thinking that dominates the world today)


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