Thursday, June 26, 2014

Media War On Vitamins Again

In the ongoing war on vitamins, the media takes up supplement bashing once again in the form of the usual misrepresentations and outright lies by some senator and comedian. Its one more step towards implementing Codex in the US and putting unnecessary restrictions on supplements. The media seems to be self-projecting though (the same way a certain doctor awful does) without mentioning that the pharmaceutical-medical complex has far more wealth and vested interests in the government. The FDA is practically a revolving door for Big Pharma interests.

The media war started with Dr. Oz's weightloss supplements apparently. They fail to mention that the problem is not with the supplement industry as a whole, but with a few low-quality companies and their products. Theres a difference between vitamins and herbs and the fly-by-night weightloss/steroid industry and the government agencies should be competent enough to know the difference. Of course, they are totally ignorant about alternative health. I agree that most of the weightloss industry is a fraud as true weightloss is not found in "magical diet pills". The way to lasting weight reduction is changing your lifestyle and diet.

Its odd that the media takes aim at the supplement industry though as the pharmaceutical industry is full of fraud and corruption. They also have far more control over the US medical system unlike supplement industry. Of course, the medical establishment claims that their drugs are "scientifically-proven" despite the fact that 67% of medical journal retractions are due to fraud and misconduct and the numerous ways that drug studies are based on fraud (publication bias, ghostwritten studies). The FDA constantly threatens to shutdown the whole supplement industry simply based on a few low-quality products found to be contaminated or spiked (ironically the contamination often is a pharmaceutical ingredient).

I'd rather take supplements than take drugs anyways. No TV comedian is going to dissuade me, however, the general population with their ignorant and complacent attitude could end up being persuaded by a media agenda.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Cancer Epidemic & It's Solution

The recent series called "The Truth About Cancer" explored the world of innovative doctors treating cancer with unconventional methods and the often hidden causes of this terrible disease epidemic.

One of the topics of utmost importance was the cause and nature of cancer such as nutrient deficiencies, toxicity from metals and environmental pollution, Standard American Diet, and lack of exercise. The conventional medical community has continuously labeled any cancer therapy not FDA-approved, produced by drug companies as "scientifically unproven" and "quackery". Theres a long history of any unconventional therapy and its advocates being attacked and shutdown by the government and medical societies, even going back before the time Nixon declared a ridiculous War On Cancer. Nevertheless, nonmainstream doctors from around the world continue to experience good results with many of these alternative cancer therapies as you find out in "The Truth About Cancer" series.

The most interesting question posed in the video series is the exact cause of cancer. Of course, its probably a multi-factorial disease with both natural and unnatural roots with different therapies working on different people. We all have a unique biochemistry and are affected differently by environmental toxins and nutrition. Cancer could very well be an adaptive mechanism used by the body to self-heal itself when the internal and external environment become too stressful and toxic. By stress, I mean not just emotionally or spiritually but also stressful in the sense of imbalances within the biochemical structures of the body. The toxic part refers to the outer world we all deal with in everyday life such as chemical agriculture, petrochemicals, cosmetics, city pollution, plastics, and radiation (from many electronic devices).

The fact that cancer is probably both found in nature and yet unnatural opens a window into a different paradigm for approaching disease. Rather than looking at disease as something that "just happens to you" based on the Mechanical drug model you look at disease as the body's attempt to heal itself. No one is born with a deficiency in chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery yet you can have a deficiency in nutrients or correct environment. The medical establishment's pouring of billions of dollars into cancer drug research misses the mark as they don't focus on looking at the individual and what their unique biochemistry shows. In one of the videos the discussion revolves around a mineral deficiency like zinc that can lead to cancer and indeed theres been research showing zinc deficiency plays a role in the development of prostate cancer by way of damaging DNA. Similiarly, the mineral selenium has been implicated in preventing cancer when consumed in sufficient amounts. The other parts of the video series discuss how the zealous use of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides over the last couple of decades have led to the damaging of human DNA and the gut flora possibly implicated in todays epidemic of childhood disorders and cancer. The prevalence and lack of safety studies on synergistic toxins used in our immediate environments could have lasting consequences.

The solution to the cancer epidemic may not be found in the holy medical establishment with its War on Cancer, but a new understanding of nature in the context of the body's individuality and environmental stressors. 

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Measles Vaccine Kills Cancer?

A rather interesting news story of a myeloma cancer case in a Minnesota woman was posted the other day. The cancer in this case was completely wiped out by the large-dose measles vaccine used in the experimental procedure by the Mayo clinic though in another similiar case it didn't work as well. Now I'm aware that some people in the alternative health community aren't favorable to vaccines and perhaps the woman ran out of pharmaceutical, FDA-approved options instead of running out of real options. But this case is nevertheless interesting, provocative as its a rather shining example of conventional medicine yet comes with the typical weakness. For years theres been many alternative treatments that could potentially help and even cure cancer, but are ignored in favor of pharmaceutical-driven treatments that come with side affects and don't get to the root of the matter.

Its a shining example of the conventional medical approach as it does show the ability for the establishment to journey into less toxic territory and effectiveness at the same time. The idea of using viruses to destroy tumors is a very old idea going back to the late 1800s with the use of Coley's Toxins pioneered by William B. Coley. The field of immunotherapy has continued to evolve since the days of Coley despite the medical orthodoxy reliance on chemical drugs to "cure" cancer. Within alternative health circles its long been known that optimal immune functioning is essential to preventing and even treating cancer. Of course, theres a difference between the Mayo clinic's use of a vaccine and the natural immunological defenses (then again what did you expect out of the conservative pillar of orthodox medicine?), but they can both be affective in their own right. Though typical conventional treatments like chemotherapy and radiation can weaken your immune system leaving you even more vulnerable to cancer. The woman in the experimental procedure already had a weakened immune system according to the article, which is another interesting point.

The typical weakness is that conventional medical paradigm once again ignores the already existing treatments (and perhaps cures) for cancer. Getting to the root of this terrible disease means acknowledging the toxic habits of the 21st century though cancer has probably existed for thousands of years, its current epidemic proportions point to an environmental trigger. But people hate changing their lifestyle/diet in order to get over whats probably an adaptive mechanism gone awry by a radically changed world and also acknowledging that everyone has a unique biochemistry (an important point often made in alternative health). 

Monday, June 2, 2014

Oxygen Medicine and Detox: The Way To Long-Term Health

The suppression of affective therapies that compete with the pharmaceutical model of illness is very unfortunate because its costed many lives that could otherwise has been helped by the oxygen medicine paradigm. We hear about "detox" all the time in the alternative health community and media, but what does it really mean and how does it work in unison with oxygen therapies? What does vitamin C have to do with it?

The whole premise of oxygen therapy is that life itself is based on the constant need for electron exchanges for the human body to maintain proper functioning. Electrons act as the movers of life processes by bringing in oxygen to heal and renew. Far from being "new age" the electron energy is a necessity to all living organisms. Vitamin C (ascorbate) is high-doses is one of the most affective ways to introduce oxygen into the body and renew the electron flow. This supposedly simplistic therapy was first advocated by Linus Pauling who suffered public discredit for daring to say that a vitamin could heal so many different illnesses. Today the research into oxygen/electron medicine only continues to prove the value of vitamin C and other important substances used to promote oxygen levels.

Redox basically means reduction/oxygen. The harmful affect of accumulated toxins from living in the modern world leads to an abundance of oxidants and depleted electrons. Slowly, the mitochondria that runs the body gives out from the damage of toxic chemicals, pathogens, and stress. This oxidative stress is the start of a chronic disease process with most of the conventional medical establishment simply dismisses as "normal aging" and "its all genetic" rather than getting to the root cause of the problem. And that root cause is damage done to the biological system by depleted electrons unable to repair the system and leading to a state of low oxygen levels. The immune system especially relies on oxygen to get rid of harmful pathogens and molecules.

On the topic of antioxidants, despite mainstream media misinformation, antioxidants from wholefoods are actually very important for long-term health. The ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) found in berries, grapefruits, kiwis, melons, and apples has the role of stopping excessive oxidation of bodily molecules. Along with antioxidants one needs plenty of quality minerals such as magnesium to allow oxygen transportation in the body.

We already know many of the causes of disease- inflammation (brought on by oxidative stress), nutrient deficiencies, stress, epigenetics, toxins- but the drug dogma persists with treating "dis-ease" like its the cause rather than the symptom. Amongst the best protocols to use are vitamin C, certain antioxidants and minerals, high-level oxygen, and long-term detox with the former said protocols. The polyphenol compounds found in high ORAC plants such as resveratrol, curcumin, and EGCG (found in green tea) all have the ability to naturally affect biochemical pathways by their antioxidant action. A 2013 review in the journal of Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity goes over the actions of various polyphenols. The damage done to cellular processes and genetic expression by chronic oxidative stress and its subsequent inflammation are the causes of many dis-ease and could be greatly alleviated by use of dietary antioxidants and in supplement form.

The second way to maintain cellular health for both the short and long term is to use concentrated high-oxygen therapy, which is slowly being recognized by mainstream medicine as a valuable way of combating cancer. The concentrated high-oxygen works by the action of strengthening a tumor's blood vessels thus allowing more oxygen into the hypoxia environment. This way the tumor is eventually destroyed, unable to survive in the high-oxygen environment. Baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) is another great way to introduce high-oxygen levels into the body. Oxygen therapy has a long history in alternative cancer treatment as its long been said that cancer can only thrive in an oxygen starved environment.

Lastly, but not the least, the use of high-dose vitamin C along with other nutrients acts as a restorative to the bodily system and creating true long-term health. I talked about vitamin C extensibly above already, its use goes back to the early 20th century when Frederick R. Klenner, MD, was using it to cure many viral infections and today continues to be used in clinics in US and around the world. Infections, cancer, mental disorders, and neurological disorders have all been related to a vitamin C deficiency and treated using high-dose vitamin C and other nutrients. But humans can't make their own vitamin C, losing that ability in the course of evolutionary history, and the deadly consequences of the legacy can be seen in the mortality rate from infectious and now chronic disease. The other nutrients important to maintaining and restoring cellular processes and genetic expression are vitamin D, A, B and minerals magnesium and selenium.

The age-old wisdom of "primitive" healing that involved lots of outdoor time and fresh plant foods was actually right all along no matter how simple. Today we have the knowledge of the intricacies behind the biochemical processes involved in oxygen and antioxidants that were unknown to our ancestors. We should use this newfound knowledge and combine it with the best of the past healing.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Cod Liver Oil: A Forgotten Superfood

The use of cod liver oil as food and medicine goes back many centuries and is still used today in traditional diets. Cultures that depended on fish as a large part of their diet such as the inuit and scandinavian regions used cod liver oil with abundance. The oil contains 4500 IU of vitamin A in everyone teaspoon along with 1360 IU of vitamin D and is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids. The high amount of these vitamins in a natural food source makes cod liver oil the forgotten superfood.

Cod liver oil has been used in the treatment of anything from infectious to chronic diseases. Its high omega-3s and vitamin A content help in brain development and preventing infectious disease complications. Modern diets are often disproportionally high in omega-6s due to the amount of vegetable oil used and low in omega-3s. This leads to a deficiency then in turn adversely affects the brain, nervous system, hormones, dental health, and immune system and goes in parallel with the high level of chronic disease today. Historically, the discovery of vitamin D in cod liver oil prompted much research into its value and was used to prevent rickets in children (common in the early 20th century).

Its best to remember that vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin so its best obtained from animal foods like eggs and butter. The vitamin A from animal foods is considered preformed- meaning its the retinol type- with the vitamin A in cod liver oil considered to be preformed retinol. Its the easiest for of vitamin A for your body to use. Some recent research into cod liver oil has shown its value in preventing type 1 diabetes in children maybe through an anti-inflammatory affect and in another study it decreased childhood respiratory infections by at least 58%. Hopefully, in the future even more great use for cod liver oil is found.